Crazy Ph Spike

March 7th 2013
So last night I was making some videos on how to test Ph and I noticed a major spike in my stocked 10 gallon. Check out the video and pics and tell me what YOU think it might be... I'm just as stressed as my fish must be.

ph tests
#1 is pure snow - #2 is snow/tap mix 50/50 - #3 Is a regular ph test on my 10 gallon - #4 is high range ph done on the 10 gallon and #5 is my tap tested with the high range ph test. I'm thinking it's that black gravel.

ph color chart
Here is a pic of the ph tests and the ph color chart.

You can also check out my short clip about cabomba--->
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March 4th 2013
Today I'm doing a major overhaul on the site. I haven't decided exactly what to do yet, but it's going to be something good. It's time to do some major updates while I have the day off work and other projects. I recently set up three empty tanks last night. Currently, I only have a trio of mollies, a pair of endlers, 3 female endler fry, and 5 white clouds. I still need to seal up and set up my 20 gallon long and spare 5 gallon. Hopefully I'll have some bigger tanks to set up soon. I plan on ordering some cherry shrimp and hornwort this month. I'm going back and forth about what fish to start off with. I've been wanting some blue wag platy... but I'm not 100%. I can't get over how much I want some Tanaka or Gingas Rubra guppies. My new camera is in the mail and may arrive today. W00T. ***Update*** I went to the LFS, grabbed some black gravel, a new HOB filter for one of the 10s, grabbed some plastic camboba and set up my spare 5 gallon with some mature media. I dropped my tank heaters int today. They all work so cheers to that. I was worried after storing them in the garage through winter. Also more good news: My DSLR Olympus Camera came int eh mail today! Thanks dad! I would go pick up but the weather is about to get really nesty out here in the midwest so it will have to wait until Weds. (Which is also the day all the new fish come in at the LFS... coincidence? Maybe...). Updates to come on Weds.

The Future FishRoom.us HQ

Feb. 28th 2013
So we measured our new fish room! Looks like we have a 9' x 12' room just for fish. I'm pretty excited. Here is a short clip of Chris and I in what will be the future HQ of FishRoom.us! The video qaulity is horrid. The new camera is in the mail :)

Moving Fishes

Feb. 25th 2013
This is a short video of my overstocked 5 gallon. Watch it if you like. I'm moving to a bigger house and have to set up all my 10s and 20s again so some of my fish have temporary roomates. In a bigger tank, these fish would make a great community for beginners. If it where just the endlers and white clouds I would say this size tank is perfect. Mollies are not an ideal choice for 5 gallon. I'll have this trio back in a species tank in a day or two. Some things you should note: the tank should be planted with things like camboba or hornwort for better fry survival rates, the endlers should not be housed with guppies unless you are breeding hybrids, you should only keep 1 male sailfin/lyretail molly per tank as they become agressive. Normally you would keep two females for each male endler and each molly male.Would you like to add something? Comment my youtube video :)